Remember My Name by Abbey Clancy

Thank you to NetGalley and Harlequin UK for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Jess is a Liverpudlian who dreams of fame but hasn’t found it yet and makes in income by singing Frozen songs are young girl’s birthday parties. At one of these parties she gets scouted after an embarrassing moment involving mud and she gets caught up in the London lights and fame.

This is the first novel by Abbey Clancy, who you may know from being a runner up on Britain’s Next Top Model season 2 and season 11 of Strictly Come Dancing, she’s also married to Peter Crouch, a tall English football player.

Remember My Name pleasantly surprised me, I honestly wasn’t sure if it was going to be any good as I’m always a bit sceptical and wary of mildly famous people writing novels when that’s completely unrelated to their other main source of fame. I probably wouldn’t have picked this book up if I saw it in a shop but I’m glad it popped up on netgalley and I requested it because it was a sweet story.

Clancy stuck to what she knew in this book with the main character having a similar background to hers, but this wasn’t a bad thing, it made it easy to connect to Jess as it came across that the author was quite connected to Jess.

There was a few things I wasn’t a fan of in this book, like for example weird racial stereotypes that wasn’t really necessary with her landlord. There was some really odd language usage at times, like there would be a jump between old fashioned dialogue and then also more modern language and it was a bit strange for me. At one point Jess fights back with her new label when she’s brand new in the music scene which I didn’t find really realistic, most people who are in the industry who have done tell-alls say that they were really naive to begin with and went along with everything they were told.

Besides those few things that jumped out at me in a bad way there was some really good stuff, like girl’s sticking together in the face of betrayal which doesn’t often happen in women’s literature/romance novels. Jess decides she needs to sort her life out before she goes any further with her romantic life at one point which I found incredibly satisfying,

The ending was pretty fast, I was finding myself at about 100 pages and the final drama point hadn’t happened yet but all in all this was an enjoyable light read and I got through it pretty quickly.

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