Always the Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk

This book was so wonderful. Lindsey Kelk is one of my best friend’s favourite writers and this book was 99p on iBooks so I was like “ok, let’s see what this is like” and it was such a fun ride.

Always the Bridesmaid is a story of a girl called Maddie whose two best friends, Sarah and Lauren, are getting divorced and married at the same time respectively. And Maddie has to balance both these things along with her job as an events organiser and her budding relationship with a man called Will all at the same time.A hilarious roller-coaster of events ensue.

I’m really funny about “women’s literature” (god I really hate that that’s a bloody genre), because often it’s just sappy rubbish, but one author I adore is Marian Keyes because she doesn’t ever take it too seriously, her books are hysterical. This book was like that. It had the romance that has you cheesing like a pro, but it was also funny as heck.

First thing’s first: every single character in this book is an arse. But in a good way, it makes things unexpected and wild. Maddie’s two best friends are absolutely nuts: one is bridezilla and the other is a complete cow, though the cow is definitely a lot better than bridezilla. Maddie is a huge liar, you can tell she has good intent behind it but jeez.

You can 100% tell who Maddie is going to end up with from the first 50 pages, but that doesn’t make you want to stop reading. Kelk’s writing style makes you want to hang on and see what happens on the journey towards the ending. She’s an English writer and has the typical “take the piss out of yourself” attitude that British people have, and it translates well into the writing of this story.

I loved how you could tell things weren’t right with certain people and certain situations but it was still exciting to read it unravelling. It was like reading a sitcom in a book and I adored it.

I’m so glad I bought this book because it was just so great and I would recommend anyone who enjoys romance books reads this one.


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