Heir of Fire by Sara J. Maas 

Oh man.

So I went in to Heir of Fire feeling very worried about what would happen with the characters I have grown to love after where Crown of Midnight left off. The problem with high fantasy books is that you never know if someone you love is going to die. I think once I’ve read Queen of Shadows I’m going to read a contemporary because I need something 100% less stressful. It definitely didn’t help that I didn’t really have time to read this as I had an important test this past Thursday which I needed to do well on as I had struggled with other graded parts of the class. I’m hoping to read and finish QoS before the heavy studying for final exams starts, I don’t want to have that extra stress.

Heir of Fire introduces two new main characters: Rowan and Manon. Whilst Maas introduced Rowan as a main character gradually by having Celaena get to know him before introducing him as a PoV character, Manon was not done in this way. Manon was introduced right at the beginning and didn’t have any interaction with the previously known characters. Whilst I understood the reasoning for Maas doing this, it felt really jarring and confused me as I couldn’t really get to grips with what was going on.

Like the previous titles in this series, the point of view switches between different characters often, however in Heir of Fire because the characters are all doing different things and are in very different places this change of point of view often felt disjointed to me. It was fine once I got the hang of it and got further into the book, but the beginning was quite hard to get into.

Back to the new characters though. Rowan is absolutely wonderful. As Celaena grows to like him the reader also grows to like him, and I think he can rightfully take his place as the second of my babies in this series, behind Dorian of course. Manon I wasn’t really sure what to make of. I think I like her but I’m not 100% on that.

For our previously known characters this book has only fuelled my anger towards Chaol even more. He’s so god damn whiney and he cannot make his mind up over what side he wants to be on. You can’t fight for Celaena whilst remaining loyal to the crown out of fear. I get that Dorian is the most important to him but we already know Dorian is not loyal to his father. On top of all that he has his continuous confusion over how he feels towards Celaena and there was such a wonderful moment where Dorian tells Chaol to stop wanting Celaena to be who he wants her to be and to accept her for who she is.

Celaena really grows as a person in this book. Through her journeys with Rowan through Wendlyn she learns to really accept herself for who she is and stops being scared of being herself and she becomes a lot more likeable than she was in Crown of Midnight.

There is not enough Dorian in this book. I love Dorian so much, give me more Dorian. Why does he suffer as much as he does? Sarah why do you keep putting him through so much pain?

I’m really excited to start Queen of Shadows after where this left off, but I’m also scared to finish reading these as I don’t think I can wait until September for the next book (I have it preordered already). And that is still not the end of the series.

Lastly, why do high fantasy books always have huge spiders in them? WHY????


14 thoughts on “Heir of Fire by Sara J. Maas 

  1. Great review! I feel exactly the same way as you do about Chaol, and unfortunately he only continues to get whinier in Queen of Shadows haha… I loved that scene you mentioned where Dorian tells Chaol to accept Celaena for who she is. I am really struggling to wait until September for the next book!

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      1. It’s like ok you’ve been brought up to hate magic but you literally know nothing about it. And the way he treats her when she comes back like “where’s your army what were you doing all that time” made me so enraged.

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  2. Omg, I’m reading this book now! You’re right, it’s definitely hard to get into. I loved the first two books but this one feels all over the place. And where the heck did Manon come from?? I was so confused but I’m going to endure this book since I’ve become too attached to the characters…but I love Chaol. Idc, idc, idc, I still ship Celaena and Chaol lol. Great review btw! 🙂

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    1. It’s honestly much better after like the first 200 pages or so, once you get a feel for what’s going on with Rowan. Oh no I honestly cannot stand Chaol he’s such a whiny whiner, the more I read the more I dislike him 😂

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  3. I don’t mind Chaol as a character, though he’s too temperamental and whiny for me. I’m indifferent about him, but I was happy for less interaction between him and Celaena in this book. I never thought they were perfect for each other. Chaol loves the King’s Champion – Lillian, if I dare – but he doesn’t love Aelin. This book began to break my heart with Dorian… MORE DORIAN. That’s all I ask. Seriously. All Dorian all the time. And Rowan. Actually, just a book about the two of them going on an adventure together. As for Manon, I skimmed over a lot of her chapters in this book, but I understand why they were necessary, especially with QoS. I started to like her a lot more in QoS and really get attached to her plotline. Not as much as the others – obviously.

    Great review – can’t wait to see what you think of Queen of Shadows!

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  4. Chaol annoys me so much! I love Rowan he is my ship and I will go down with it if I have too! Sorry Dorian lovers Rowans end game! haha. I love your reviews of this series and YES with the giant spiders, oh why are there so many giant spiders! Can’t wait to see what you think of Queen of shadows (all the feels will be felt)

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      1. I love Dorian as a character and hope he finds his happily ever after, I am wanting to finish this series so badly but not wanting it to end as well, its a strange cycle. haha

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  5. YAY!!! I’m so glad you liked this one. XD Unfortunately, Dorian is not done. Good luck with QoS… I hope you like it!
    Although I completely understand what you mean about Manon and agree, I also feel like it fit to have her just show up- because that’s totally how Manon and her personality are. She won’t wait for any introductions to kill you, if you know what I mean.

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