Chapter Length

Personally I’m a fan of short chapters when reading a book, I feel like I focus on the book a lot better when the chapters are shorter. It’s also a lot easier to read a book in public (like waiting before an appointment/on a train) when the chapters are shorter as you may need to abruptly stop reading which I always find really annoying when the chapters are longer as I feel like it ruins the flow.

Although, when a book has longer chapters I’m less likely to continue reading when I really should be doing other things, like sleeping or studying. This is as it feels like you’re reading a lot more and it doesn’t nearly provoke the “just one more chapter” mindset as I find myself more guilty over the procrastination when the chapters are longer. Whereas when the chapters are shorter it’s much more difficult to put down and I often find “just one more chapter” turns into twenty more.

So which do you prefer, longer or shorter chapters?


4 thoughts on “Chapter Length

  1. I prefer shorter chapters 100%. I have a kind of short attention span so it’s a lot easier for me to read if chapters are short and I only have to read 10-15 pages rather than 30 before I can take a quick break. I also find that I read more when there are shorter chapters because it seems like less of a time commitment (for example, it might only take me 20 minutes to read through the chapter instead of 40) and I can more easily fit it into my day. Long chapters discourage me a bit because they take so much more time to read through and I hate stopping in the middle of a chapter.

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