The Captive Prince trilogy by C.S.Pacat

I started this book series after seeing a lot of talk from the tumblr blogs I follow about how good it was, how much it affected them. Most of these blogs were also the ones who raved about The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller which I absolutely adored, so I thought the same would go for this series.

I absolute flew through this series, I started it on Thursday night and finished it Sunday morning. I found it fun and easy to read and was always questioning what was going to happen next.

I love slow burn romance but I also hate it. I’m constantly anticipating when it’s going to happen and it just gets worse the closer to the end of the book I get, I feel like it will never happen. And this definitely happened with this series, in particular the second book. I was 100 pages from the end of the book just waiting for anything to happen.

One of the things that captured me with this series was how I never really knew what Laurent was going to do next. And neither did Damen, and I enjoyed when the author showed Damen to be completely shocked but not at all at the same time, especially as the characters grew to know each other.

Along the way many stories of treachery are revealed which I wouldn’t have even entertained whilst reading it, leaving me completely surprised. One of my favourite things in books is when an author has had a backstory from the word go that all ties together in the end, like what JK Rowling did with the Harry Potter series. And whilst I’m unsure if that’s what happened with this series as it started as a web serial and I don’t know if the author ever expected the series to be published, it certainly read that way.

The cultures in this series had a very accepting behaviour towards same sex relationships which I always find as a breath of fresh air, especially in novels like these which are set in a fantasy based historical world. Whilst I knew going in to reading these books that the main pairing was a same sex pairing, I didn’t know if the characters would be punished for this.

Overall I really enjoyed this series, the characters are well developed and the plot was engrossing. As with most trilogies the second book was probably my favourite, however the final book didn’t have the typical “was that it?” feeling that comes with a lot of other trilogies. The first book is probably the worst of the three because it felt like the writer hadn’t quite got to grips with who their characters were, but reading the rest of the series I got to see the characters develop as well as the author’s style develop and it is definitely worth sticking it out for the other two parts.


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